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Originally Posted by mattiewheels

I don't totally agree with what he's saying here....

If you saw Ryan Seacrest posing in a grove of Burger King products or wearing a glowing Walmart hat, you wouldn't hold it against him because its his thing. Geoff ain't a journalist, I guess the source of stress here is that a lot of people confuse what he does with what journalism is, and that is a big problem I guess. I just think he's the wrong guy to go after.

And that's why it's dangerous for the media and some "game journalists" to act this way. A large part of the viewing public will never have any idea that Geoff isn't a credible source (not everyone can be as savvy as a typical GAF member). I understand some think that this is all just no big deal, but when you take a step back and see the real effects, then you can see why it is actually a big issue that needs to be addressed and recognized.