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Originally Posted by Tarazet

Joint can be hard to understand. First off, make sure the arrows connect the spaces. You can only Joint artifacts that are linked by red arrows. You know if it worked because it'll flash "Joint." The effect is additive: if you have two Def+2 next to each other, then each one of the artifacts will now be a Def+4. However, it will also double the Mana usage. If you link a Widen to it, it'll be multiplied again. If you don't have enough Mana, then you won't get the full effect and one of the artifacts will be greyed out.

Thanks. I did manage to get it working. I didn't have enough mana for the second join which was why I couldn't see the effect :P

Managed to scrape through my first Ran-geon last night reaching floor 8. I was at level 8 fighting level 20 monsters after a very unlucky first floor :D