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(06-15-2017, 01:11 AM)
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♦ What are the in-game requirements for accessing Stormblood content?

You must have a Lv60 character that has completed all the Main Scenario Quests from patch 2.0 ARR to patch 3.5 HW. However— you can still acquire the Red Mage and Samurai jobs as long as you have Stormblood and also reached Lv50 on one job.

Ok so I can start a Samurai/Red Mage right away if I already have a lvl 50 character but can't access the Stormblood Story Content until I finish all the MSQs and have a lvl 60 character right? Almost passed on this until I leveled up my NIN, but if this is true I will totally be there Day 1!!

When did they add the Level up/Skip Story items on the Mog Station? And they are 18$/25$?