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XBONE Detective
(10-25-2012, 08:52 PM)

Originally Posted by PsychoRaven

So I just read the unedited article posted here and damn good article. I've not heard of this guy before but I certainly like his style. The industry is a joke and it's because of shit like this. Companies should not be handing out free consoles, games, trips, etc to journalists and they should have the self respect and integrity to refuse them if these companies do that. Hopefully this guy starts his own site or finds work at one that will have some balls not to cower to demands of someone who obviously has no integrity.

PR companies CONTROL news outlets.

If one writer steps down, there's 600 more kids out there willing to take his place for a free visit to see GTA V in person in exchange for his integrity. Look at The Tester.

Until the companies that hire these writers have integrity and enforce standards, it'll never change.