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Originally Posted by Roberto Larcos

Just to check, you're aware that you don't need to literally lose your last shirt button for your gambling (paying real money for an unknown 'reward') to be categorised as problematic, or even an addiction?

Compulsive behaviours are compulsive behaviours, and occur in literally every hobby.
Are there wide swathes of people no longer able to play any videogames without a lootbox component being present?
You aren't speaking about specific cases of "problematic" behaviour - you are saying all lootboxes are inherently problematic, and further comparing that - entirely frivolously - to chemical dependencies which are not psychological in nature.

And this "People spend a lot of money on a thing they enjoy! Thats terrible! Wont someone think of the children!" attitude to prop up the "I don't like thing others do" argument actually being made has plagued videogames since before they were videogames, with the ruination of youths and the evil spectre of pinball