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I'd say more than anything the latest trends and moves are more about risk management for the companies. I also don't really mind loot boxes that much, I usually play plenty if its a game I'm invested in and unless it's an egregious offender, I never even feel inclined to buy a loot box. That being said it's allowed a lot of companies to effectively change their content releases to focus primarily on loot boxes and the cosmetic or otherwise items within them.

Destiny, Overwatch etc. Are more focused on creating content to go into their loot packs, than actual content to play. When it's brought up, people defend it by saying "Well the content is free so". No, it's really not, it's just been subsidized in a more profitable way. It also works out that many consumers prefer it, so that's good. But it doesn't give them an excuse to basically not care about putting out real content, especially when they keep stretching out games/milking them for longer and longer.

From a thread I created a while back, feel like it's pertinent here.

Now it's just changed to the same thing, supplemented by loot crates. But has gotten worse when it comes to actually having to provide real content, because their income as time progresses is tied not as much to additional game sales, but to microtransactions. So selling premium or newer content isn't really the incentive anymore, well it is, but just enough to keep people coming back so they pay out of the newest set of loot crate stuff.

Yup. Once you've established an rng scheme for content delivery you don't have to pitch actual products anymore, nor are you limited to one sale per customer/piece of content. Taking a peek at gaming in 2017 makes CEOs across the entertainment industry rather wet I'm sure