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That was the argument that was said to me in response to the whole Shadow of War/NBA/Forza/Battlefront controversy with loot boxes. To cut a long, long argument short: I am against loot boxes in paid-for AAA games, and in fact the only one who was in the group conversation, and everyone else were okay with loot boxes. However, a collective agreement by them concluded that loot boxes are good and that they are fine with it because "life isn't fair" and that they PREFER people to buy P2W loot boxes for their advantage because "it's more satisfying to kill them knowing they have an advantage over me".

Am I out of touch here or is this it? Are [P2W] loot boxes in $60 AAA games here to stay now? When people are saying to me they LIKE loot boxes like this, and I bring up how they could have been free cheat codes or if tournaments and real life events like a football match introduced unfair elements, how that fairs against their argument, they call me out for being ridiculous. For instance, I said, if life isn't fair then would they be okay if goalkeepers paid referees to shorten their goal length as this is P2W and it would make them satisfied having scored a goal in a net that is shorter than their own one. I also said what if tournaments with cash prizes allowed its participants to buy loot boxes over other players for an instant advantage, and at that point, I was thrown with insults and being called ridiculous etc and some of them left.

Is this what the games industry is now? It seems like loot boxes are here for fucking good.

Fair enough, then tell them that "Games with lootboxes and microtransactions should then only be for people 21 and over! Also all other rules for gambling should apply for games with lootboxes and microtransactions, so no commercials on TV, only being sold at certain stores that have a license and no longer in toy stores.".

I'm getting rather sick and tired that I even have to shield off my paypal acount from my father, whom by accident bought a small lootbox in PEGGLE 2!!!!! A game I bloody paid for so he could play it on his old PC. I just had forgotten that my paypal account was still on his PC, and he doesn't take advantage of it. He just thought he had "won a new costume". The poor man now doesn't want to play the game anymore, as he's scared he'll buy more!

So yes, I'm very much against the practice and think if you have microtransactions? Your game can't be sold in toy stores anymore. If you also have lootboxes with said microtransactions, your game is a gambling game and should be treated as such

If these people in that group you talked about want to gamble? Fair enough. But do use the same rules for this as other gambling venues have to follow. If you want more income, make DLC and combine those DLC packs into an "expansion pack" later in the year for people to buy at stores or online. Expansion packs are the best way to fund new maps and garner more income. And before they defend themselves with "But then not everybody has the same maps in multiplayer", if the maps are good people will buy or will buy the "Gold, GOTY" edition. Most people I knew rebought Warcraft 3 rather than just the expansion pack when they could get an edition hat would install everything at the same time.

So make the maps good, and the sales will follow.

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4.) Only gamers could manage to become anti-consumer.

Aaayuup, they and the tech enthusiasts are almost self hating at times. The "Then don't buy it." is at a level that smokers and car enthusiasts defend their addiction and "hobby". The industry takes huge advantage of this behavior.