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Roberto Larcos
(10-07-2017, 11:56 AM)

Originally Posted by duckroll

Gambling is fun. Being able to pay for a perceived advantage is fun. Not everyone cares about total fairness in games and there is something inherently attractive about the chance to win something rare. These are just some of the facts of psychology. People are like this and if isn't the end of the world. Companies would be able to take advantage of this for profit if people didn't honestly enjoy this stuff on some level.

Which is why we don't regulate the sale of cocaine even a little bit. Because the way our minds work says cocaine is fun, and because companies should absolutely be able to exploit this weakness if they find it. It is their right to take advantage of this for profit.

Gambling is an addiction. It is harmful. It requires regulation, because people don't usually address their harmful addictions themselves. Their addictions harm themselves as well as other around them. Stop batting for companies by justifying their exploitation of people in this way.