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(02-04-2014, 05:20 AM)
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Not worried at all. It's not our only platform.

Originally Posted by RoombaDance

Nice. How worried are you guys about Wii U sales numbers?

We'll see. I do want players in EU/NZ/AU to play our games, the ratings issues are less of a stopping block for me than inconsistent policies through distributors.

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Ugh...just realised this probably won't get released in Australia since it costs more money than it's worth to release smaller indie games here.

Any hope of being able to throw my money at you guys down here in Australia Tyrone?

I don't really believe in demos, the cost money to make and take us away from finishing the real game. Just have to be patient, you'll like the finished product, I think

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Tyrone, please release a demo of the game! It's a great way to build hype and let people know that you have a quality product worthy of their $$$.