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Originally Posted by Amir0x

I really was understanding of Albert Penello's early days, it seemed a breath of fresh air after all the horrific Microsoft PR. But it is now becoming increasingly clear his goal may have in fact been to simply synchronize a PR message which attempted to muddy PS4's indisputable significant technical advantage...

<shortened for space>

I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

Have I been wrong sometimes? Sure.

Have features/information changed after I've posted? They have.

In every case, I've owned up and explained every single change. I've continued to come answer questions, and largely stayed out of the personal fray.

It would be super easy (and misleading) to list everything I said which ended up being wrong, without finding the post/posts where I also came back and explained.

The idea that I have flat-out lied or tried to misdirect people here seems far-reaching. But that's fine if you believe it. I've explained the background on my history multiple times, and I can't control what understanding/lack of understanding people have about my role. I've said many times I don't know every aspect of the program and sometimes I have to ask.

Nothing I said yesterday is inconsistent with Yusuf's interview. People appear to be combining different parts of the interview to try and make another point.

Clearly Yusuf is talking about the TV and NFL stuff in terms of "putting together in a unifying way" It's also clear that anything around using Kinect was "hinted at" and all the remaining comments come from the author.

And finally - he's talking to "Advertising Age" so it would be somewhat obvious he would be talking about advertising type stuff.

I'll reiterate what I said yesterday. The Kinect system already has the ability to detect engagement. We don't track it. We only track Voice if you opt-in. Kinect 2.0 has improved, but not completely changed, the type of data available and you can see we've done very little with it, and it's easy to find a website where we explain in great detail, and in layman's terms, what we do with the Kinect data.

And again, IF any of this type of biometric data were to ever be used for advertising, you could expect like today we'd make it optional to the user. And of course, on top of all of this, we allow it to be disconnected unless the game/experience requires it.

If you look at the facts we make available, and OUR history with Kinect, it would not support that we're going to be doing anything with the data unless it's very clear to the user.

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