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I've played over 500 hours of DMC2 and consider the game good.
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EDIT: Sample of the new arranged music!


I thought I'd make a thread about this because it's significant news - at least to me who already finds the soundtrack of FFX to be flawless. If I'm completely honest, I'm worried that they might ruin this, but here's the encouraging news.

Rearranged music

Final Fantasy X will see around 60 of its tracks rearranged for the HD version. Masashi Hamauzu – one of the game’s original composers and also responsible for Final Fantasy XIII’s score – has even participated in bringing these new arrangements to life.

Hamauzu contributed with 20 tracks in the original FFX. There are a total of approximately 91 songs in the game. I'm hoping that these rearanged songs will actually sound very similar to the ones we've been listening to for years. Here's a couple of songs that Hamauzu made:

Besaid Island:
People of the Far North:


The magazine also talks about trophies in the game – suggesting there could be some that provide a real challenge to the player

Platinum seekers just might want to prepare themselves to face 200 lightning bolts, just in case.

Trophies for killing Penance and all the prerequisite dark aeons? Lord Jyscal, have mercy on us.

Screenshots and comparison

Start screen

Character screen

Menu screen

Thanks to for this info.

edit: More screens (showing the title screen + Vita-version) from Magicbox. Screens are NOT confirmed to be real!

edit: New pictures released! Tons of more screenshots in the link: