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First, Kamiya says he doesnt see any magazine previews, says stores aren't promoting the game because they don't really understand what it is. There aren't enough ads or awareness he says its not a cheap game to make either, he estimates that in terms of manpower and resources, they spent 1.5 times what they did on Bayonetta 1*. He says in terms of "no one really gets the game, so there isnt a lot of hype" its similar to Okami**

Poor Kamiya. RIP Wonderful 101

I'm still catching up on the thread but I felt I should put this here. Please visit this thread and tweet about it or W101 in general to have people find out more about it

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If only there were a thread where the op detailed all the information about the game that we knew about and showed plenty of amazing gifs so that people can see the higlights of the trailer immediately...

Oh lookitdis:

You're welcome gaf.