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Originally Posted by Ushojax

So is this patch out in the US yet? I only bought the game this week but I'm not sure if I've got the latest version or not, when I boot it there's no update.

The update is not out in the US yet. We'll send info to the press (and here if a thread is alive) when we have something to share.

Originally Posted by ozfunghi

since i downloaded and played it (thursday night) i've found a huge bug that... bugs me a lot more than the gamma thing. The thief got stuck in draw-an-arrow stance. You could still run and jump, but using the grappling hook was impossible. Switching characters back and forth, swapping controllers etc... didn't help.
This was in 2player co-op. I know JoelFB hangs around, so maybe they'd want to know. If i remember correctly, it started with the player using the procontroller.

Thanks - I believe we're aware of this and will get it fixed in the next update (which will take some time, we haven't even submitted it yet - so it could be a long time, sorry!).

Originally Posted by Gambit

Grateful for the update, but one question about the German vocals it contains. I have a German Wii U, but love the English voices. So I was wondering if the update would make lose the English voices. Is there an option to select the original voices in-game?

You can go to the Options menu and Languages, and see how the voice selection works. So yeah, you can still choose English vocals (and whatever subtitles). We're from Finland (no dubbing except kids' animations) so we understand. :)

Originally Posted by Porcile

I've been getting odd music errors post-patch. When I load up a save file, the music seems skip for about 15-20 seconds then returns to normal. I'll keep playing to see it continues. If it matters, it happens on the Desert level in the expansion levels.

Do let me know if it happens continuously and/or if you figure out what triggers it. Not sure if we're aware of this...

Originally Posted by dampflokfreund

1. regarding to the Wii U update, I heard on some different websites it improves the graphics. In which way?

2. regarding Wii U hardware. I heard many bad things about the Wii U, the CPU is less powerful than XBOX 360 or PS3, the bandwith of the memory is also worse than on the current gen console. Do you can confirm that? What's your experience with the Wii U hardware? Why did you improved the graphics, it's because of new physic engines or its because the Wii U is actually more powerful than PS360? Would be absolute great if you guys would answer this question :)

Graphics - it more or less fixes an incorrect gamma setting - rather difficult to explain (the hardware was applying an extra gamma which we didn't notice until after release). We'll release a video next week to show the difference...

Wii U hardware - I won't comment on that too specifically, sorry. For us it is the best console out there, and Trine 2: Director's Cut is easily the best console version we have (performance, features, etc). Trine 2 as a game is very graphics-intensive so Wii U's modern GPU is a perfect fit for us.

Originally Posted by ahm998

Any chance of this game to run 60 fps or the wii U can't handle it? , waiting for this masterpiece update.

As much as we praise the Wii U, there's no chance for 60 fps. It's just too much for the consoles with the graphics we're throwing at it. The game runs at a rather steady 30 fps but there's just not much room left. Sorry!