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Originally Posted by one_kill

It's as much of a rip off as Sonic All Stars Racing is a rip off of Mario Kart. I'm not saying that those games are bad, I'm just saying that they were primarily designed as clones to Smash and Mario Kart respectively.

Except anyone who has played Sonic Racing knows it plays and feels literally NOTHING like Mario Kart. It actually plays better.

PS All Stars clones Smash Bros. and does a horrible job of it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Smash Bros isn't a great fighting game to begin with, but at least in Smash, I'm aware of where my character is and what he/she is going. I know if I'm close to dying or winning. I'm basically aware of everything going on.

That's all out the window in PS All Stars.

In the beta, I just had no clue what the fuck was going on, playing as Kratos and somehow ended up second.