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(08-06-2012, 02:33 AM)
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Originally Posted by Mihael Mello Keehl

I mean is that not pikachu in the bottom right hand corner or what?

Snicker. You're lack of knowledge about PBR is showing.

That's not an attack you're seeing. It's a character that just got killed by Fat Princess. EDIT: Actually, it's Fat Princess spawning back into the level after being killed, probably by that Sweet Tooth, who is using his level 3 mech transformation.

As someone who's played PBR at E3, and who is currently in the beta, and who is a huge Smash Bros fan, I can tell you that PBR is NOTHING like Smash Bros.

I love them both, and because they are both different. The similarities end at

1) Mascot brawler with up to 4 players
2) A relatively light-hearted, colorful visual aesthetic.

The combat systems of both are very, very different, and feel incredibly different once you spend more than a few minutes with the game.

There's no reason to get butthurt over it. Smash is awesome. So is PBR. Some people will prefer one, some will prefer the other, some will prefer both. I like both, but I'm basing my opinion on PBR off of an incomplete beta that I've been playing once a day for the past 10 days.

What are you basing your opinion of PBR on? Some videos? A few screenshots?

Trust me, after actually playing the game, watching game play videos of the game in action make a lot more sense to me. I can see what the players are trying to accomplish; the set ups, the combos, the AP/Super strategies. It's much more compelling to watch a match now that I have the context for it from my own experiences.

I say give the game a chance first, and for more than just a few matches. You will probably be surprised at how much it differs from Smash, and that doesn't make it bad either.

If it was a 1:1 copy, people will bitch. If it's not a 1:1 copy, people will bitch. It's a tough position SuperBot and Sony are in producing this game, but fortunately, the game speaks for itself to those who have given it a hands on play.