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Mihael Mello Keehl
(08-06-2012, 02:21 AM)
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Originally Posted by B.O.O.M

Nope you're (I'm taking your word for it) butt hurt because it's done by sony. Mascot brawlers shouldn't be something extremely rare. As I see it the Nintendo fans who are butt hurt (not all mind you. some have an open enough mind to play the game to see the differences ..or at least read up on it) are butt hurt because it's one of the few unique (comparing first party games across console makers here) games that Nintendo has. That's the sad reality. If anyone else, did this, such reactions won't exist.

Isn't it sad? If you are truly a fan of such games you should welcome additions like these. same genre but different experiences.

No Im butt hurt because its a rip off like I said. Other brawlers do not rip off. Psasbr has moves that are exactly the same. That is a ripoff. I know why the fuck im butt hurt lol. Before the game was shown off I thought it was doing some power stone type shit but nah..Its a super lame bros.