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(08-05-2012, 10:11 PM)
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On a cursory level, he's absolutely right that Battle Royale is a rip-off, because it features a cast of brand mascots fighting each other on a 2.5D plain. And then you get the beta, and you realize how differently it plays, and how much its unconventional risk/reward scoring system works and harbours a real tactical edge, and how a sense of superiority to SSB creeps in as you continue to play it, until then all of a sudden all those accusations of Battle Royale being a "rip-off" become irrelevant and dissolve away, because in the end... it's a fucking great game.

If I held the same irrational distate for rip-offs that Kamiya does, I'd have never played Alundra. Yet to this day, Alundra is still better than any Zelda I've ever encountered.