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Originally Posted by Red Sutter

About the DMC=Bayonetta comments: It's not that "he ripped off his own game lol" but rather he's taking a company to task for showing a lack of creativity when his best game is basically him taking his previous magnum opus and changing the names

Look up the phrases "refinement" and "iteration"

PSASBR was conceived with neither in mind

Originally Posted by pants

True lol.

I'd just rather he not burn possible funding sources, little baby jesus knows where platinum is going to find a sugar daddy going forward :/

Yeah I getcha. Hopefully Nintendo will pick up more of their stuff in the future- in a way, them making P-100 as a Wii U exclusive with Nintendo is more promising for their future than just doing work on a Star Fox game or something. They're being hired for their creativity and such, not just as a jobber (like with MGR).