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Originally Posted by ShockingAlberto

Does this have something to do with my post or...

Actually more with your previous ones. Not singling you out in particular, but people act as if Smash Bros is the only mascot fighter allowed. It's fine to shit on Sony when they fuck up (just check the weekly store update threads), but for this game, it is pretty unwarranted. Superbot even said themself that they were inspired by Smash Bros. and many other fighters, but they tried to change the formula as much as possible, resulting in completely different paces and tactics. You win by continously attacking your opponents, you can't sit back and steal KOs like you do in Smash Bros. That alone makes a major difference.

I do agree that the YT tags were stupid, Sony's sometimes their own biggest enemy, haha.

It's actually less of a ripoff than the SF2 clones back in the early 90s when you look at the gameplay. I hope everyone gives it a shot when the beta is out in the stores this fall and see for themselves whether it's a rip-off or not.