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Originally Posted by Dunk#7

Why does SSB get a pass to be the only game in the genre?

If this were the way the industry worked we would only have about 10 different game series that were on their 20th iteration.

How dare Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing copy off of Mario Kart!!!

The logic for being against PSABR is ridiculous

I'm not necessarily against the deliberate emulation of gameplay/genre/style, but when one specific game completely rips off another specific game, simple mimicry is exceeded.

I know very little about this Sony All-Stars game, so I can't really make any sort of informed judgement regarding it's creative legitimacy, but if the stuff mentioned earlier about the designers lifting special moves and other intrinsic gameplay elements like that directly from Smash Bros. in addition to the gameplay style is true, I think it's fair for Kamiya to feel that they've taken too much from Nintendo.