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(08-05-2012, 09:02 PM)
As a consumer, the whole thing kinda makes me say ick.
Since the only first party sony title i love is the ico saga, ick.
But i don't begrudge those who do love their library their fun.

If i were a developer, the very last thing i'd ever want to hear my publisher say, is make a game like X game here, but do it differently.
Its just an ugly scenario for me to imagine, as someone who is adamant about doing my own thing, from childhood to now.

Now, if you brainstorm a game and it starts to sound like another game as you structure it, then alright.
But to have the framework borrowed from another at the very beginning, and then fill it with different interior details, is icky to me.

Part of the reason why i hate all the new suburban housing developments that all look the exact same, barring few minor changes. Think Agrestic from Weeds.

Kamiya just happens to agree with me.