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(05-03-2012, 07:15 PM)
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Originally Posted by IceDoesntHelp

Sorry, but that would be uncomfortable. The circle pad on the bottom would make the cramps even worse.

What would you suggest? The pad on top? People will just bitch about that too. You can't make a completely comfortable handheld like this without either making it huge and or really ugly.

Don't worry, if it did look like this I'm sure someone will make a grip for it or something.

Originally Posted by GameplayWhore

It's surprisingly odd how awkward having the slide pad on the top-left and the bottom-right looks to my eyes, now that I see an implementation of it (also, having the analogs aligned vertically would mean that left-handers could potentially have the option of flipped controls).

I agree, but I didn't want to be boo'd at for not having flipped sticks. Oh well, that dream is gone.