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Originally Posted by Smiles and Cries

did we have some 6x news again?

That was speculation.

Originally Posted by TheCongressman1

Another E3 prediction:

3DSi Lite XL

I mean, a redesign could happen I guess, but I really just wanted to show off my design.

It's surprisingly odd how awkward having the slide pad on the top-left and the bottom-right looks to my eyes, now that I see an implementation of it (also, having the analogs aligned vertically would mean that left-handers could potentially have the option of flipped controls). Either way, it looks a little cramped. Probably, it could stand to have a bigger chassis. Then my hands would not hurt when I play. And it'd have bigger screens. And it'd have a longer battery life.

I would probably buy this, though. I am highly likely to buy my first dual-screened Nintendo system if it had the extra analog directional built in. And then I could buy tons of the best NDS games for cheap to start me off! :D

On a more related note, does anyone think we'll get some solid cross platform functions outside of Smash Bros?

Well, I was speculating earlier on how they could do something with the 2D Mario games which have been shown off or discussed for both platforms. It was sort of my idea for a workaround for having two similar games on the market at once. (edit: I was beaten on this, this time)