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(03-30-2012, 03:25 PM)
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Originally Posted by RDreamer

Uh... You would control the other team members in the same way as FFXII and Dragon Age... by setting up AI sequences. Barring that (or in addition to that), it would also be nice to just have a way to quickly flip to another character so you can use a specific ability whenever you need it.

And how do you not understand the comparison to Dragon Age? They're pretty fairly similar... Both are MMO inspired RPGs where you control one character. The PC version of DA was fairly different, but the console versions were really the same idea, except with way more depth. You could control the AI of your party, and I felt like the ability system had a bit more depth to it.

I kind of wish you could do more to control how the AI responds to situations, but you do have at least a little control by choosing what's on their art pallet. Plus Chain Attacks and communicating after visions.

I disagree about changing party members mid-battle. They'd have to completely redo the battle system to make that work, as-is it would just break the game. But I guess it wouldn't be much worse than Chain Attacks already are, especially for late/post-game stuff.