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Originally Posted by hlhbk

A friend of mine imported the game last year and it looks amazing. That being said I feel Nintendo is setting this game up for failure. Please see examples below.

  • Releasing the game a year later in the US after the real fans have already bought the EU version.
  • Making this release exclusive to 1 retailer.
  • Releasing a year old game for $50

Anyone with common sense would see that the list above points to major lack of sales. It's like Ubi releasing AC2 6 months later on PC and being shocked it didn't sell as well as consoles. I don't care for brick and mortar stores anymore. If I actually buy a game on a console (as opposed to most of my games I buy via Steam) it comes from Amazon.

So considering its a forgone conclusion that there is no realistic way sales can live up to what Nintendo wants out of them due to self inflicted wounds I would like to hear a counter arguement to why I should support the game that is already setup to fail? I love RPG's and especially ones with great stories, is it really worth biting the bullet on this one?

Don't buy the game "for support." Buy it because it's a good game that you're interested in. I (and a lot of others) found the story enjoyable, but you have some B.K.s as well who thought it was terrible.

Besides, Nintendo doesn't even seem to have much faith in the game, a small, retailer exclusive print of the game is probably all we're going to get. They aren't really putting any effort into the localization or marketing, so they probably don't care how well it sells. It should break even on the print run at minimum, and that's probably enough to make NoA content.

Originally Posted by whitehawk

The colours on this picture are amazing. Is there a desktop sized version?

It wouldn't be hard to make one. With or without the logo (and with the PAL or NA logo)? The logo would stretched and kind of ugly in a full size version.

Edit: But using a screenshot from Dolphin would have a button prompt in there. Not sure how to get rid of that.