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Originally Posted by RDreamer

The environments are pretty amazing, though every minute I see them seems to just sadden me that it's on the wii and all blurry and pixelated. The story seems sort of intriguing, but it feels like it goes at barely a snail's pace. I don't feel like I'm getting rewarded with enough story as I go. The characters are only ok, really. I don't really find myself attached to any of them... Especially Riki, though I know he's kind of the token annoying as hell character. The battle systems seems kind of bland, too. It feels kind of dumbed down from something like FFXII, which I thought did that sort of system WAY better. The music is amazingly well done, though...

How far did you get? The first half of the game is very light on story, with only a few major events. The second half is where the bulk of the cutscenes/twists/weirdness/craziness starts to kick in.