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Well, my daughter and I played through the EoI level and I definitely found it more substantial and satisfying than Darklight Crypt. Slam Bam is already more fun than Ghost Roaster too. We then decided to go for it and take on Kaos in his evil lair of evilness. I had just upgraded Drobot with the quadratic lasers as well as leveling up him and Spyro to level 10. So I figured that we were ready. I took Drobot pretty far into the battle. MAN, that final boss battle is unforgiving! You make one mistake and BOOM! NOT cake! Many valiant Skylanders laid down their lives that day so that Kaos's evilness would be vanquished. Twelve of our Skylanders in fact. They were falling like flies at one point. But we did it. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that the people of Skylands were no longer under the tyrannical grip of Kaos and so that its citizens can live a life of freedom from oppression and so that Flynn can continue to obnoxiously stalk Cali...

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Oh, and check this out guys.

Seems Activision is working on a sequel... MAYBE! If anyone remembers, in the first game, a story scroll mentions the most powerful Skylanders, were called the "Elder Elementals." These GIANTS, posessed the powers of light and darkness within their flesh.

This cannot come soon enough...

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What Double D said. Unless wave 4+ (if they don't release the remaning figures in April's wave) contains a single pack Sonic Boom - which has actually been showing up at Walmarts and Toys R US stores - or Stealth Elf single pack, you won't get them any other way.

Like I said, if you're needing a Sonic Boom and Stealth Elf, it's best to eat the loss, and buy the triple pack.

I searched for a Sonic Boom single for a while and I finally found a bunch of them at Toys'R'Us. I would imagine that darkjedi187 should eventually come across one. However, I still have yet to see a single Stealth Elf anywhere. I don't want the triple pack with her in it because I've already got the other two figures. I currently don't have a 3DS, but I'm seriously considering buying the 3DS starter pack because I don't have any of the three figures that come with it, plus I'm pretty sure that I'm going to grab a 3DS sometime within the next few months anyway. Plus I've read that the 3DS version of the game is completely different than the console versions, so it would be worth it to grab this version as well.