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Originally Posted by Emerson

That would be awesome. How much do you reckon shipping will be? It doesn't really make a difference, just curious.

Well, based on the fact I've been helping others out. Shipping has been around 6.30-6.50.

If you're interested send me a PM with your shipping address, and I will reply with my fiancee's Paypal address. If not, and you would prefer to have a sealed one, then it's understandable.

EDIT: Outtrigger? Each Skylander can do each Heroic Challenge once, to receive that Heroic Challenge's reward (either armor, speed, critical hit, or elemental power). An example. There are currently 26 Heroic Challenges available, pending you have 26 unique Skylanders (ie no repaints). So, if I took Dark Spyro through all 26, and got all of the buff rewards from each one, I couldn't get that reward again. I could replay the levels for fun, but not get the reward with Dark Spyro, as there would be a check mark by each one of the Heroic Challenges, for Dark Spyro, meaning he got all of the rewards. Now, if you put on a different Skylander who hasn't gone through any Heroics, the bubble that displays the checkmark saying that Skylander had finished that level, would be empty of a checkmark.

In other words, each Skylander can do every Heroic Challenge as many times as they want. However, each Skylander will only get the reward from every Heroic Challenge once. Hats can further push stats, though. So if Ghost Roaster had a max of 80 speed after maxing out stats throught Heroic Challenges, he could wear the Lil Devil hat for an extra +9 speed, bringing him to 89 speed.