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Originally Posted by Emerson

Damn. Then again, me and my roommate both managed to get Sonic Boom single packs on Amazon last week, so maybe it's possible. I'd like to avoid paying more than MSRP for any of them as I have so far, but I'll probably end up having to pay like 25 on eBay or something.

Well, like I am hooking Darkjedi up with a Whirlwind, I will hook you up with a Stealth Elf.

My daughter has a Stealth Elf back before she got her own 3DS copy of the game. That means I have an extra Stealth Elf sitting in her 3DS game packaging.

It will be loose, and be missing the stat card and sticker sheet, but won't be missing the webcode card. If you want it, it's yours for 8 bucks plus shipping.