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(01-23-2012, 10:40 PM)
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Darkjedi, I may have a Whirlwind for ya.

Wrecking Ball is okay. He's slow at first and dies easy. Once you start leveling him up, plus buying his abilities, he gets better. I prefer his Ultimate Spinner upgrade path, because he turns into a area of effect Skylander, instead of a turn and slurp Skylander.

Oh, and check this out guys.

Seems Activision is working on a sequel... MAYBE! If anyone remembers, in the first game, a story scroll mentions the most powerful Skylanders, were called the "Elder Elementals." These GIANTS, posessed the powers of light and darkness within their flesh.


In anycase, don't forget to check out the new pics I added to my post with pics. It's the last 3 in that revised post.