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(01-23-2012, 10:01 PM)
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You never know Peteza (love the name by the way; poor guy ate himself).

I never bought my collection with the intent on selling. It just makes my man cave and game collection look good having unique games like Skylanders.

I am really chiming in, to let everyone know that I added 3 more pics to my post with all of the pics. There were some I forgot to add, when I first put it up. I hope you enjoy my revised pics post on the previous page.

EDIT: Joe, the PC version is just as good as 360/PS3 version. It is based off those versions of the game, which are different than the Wii version, in that they are a bit more challenging in later levels. This game actually feels better with a controller, rather than a Wiimote and nunchuck. So even a 360-styled gamepad will do you just fine, if not better than the Wii versions control scheme.