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I'm thinking of getting into these, since I bought my friends son one. But is the game actually any good? Is it like a little kids version of diablo or something, you just run around killing and levling up?

I tend to think it's only kiddy at first. The first level features a whole bunch of people who talk sort of "kiddy." However, as you go through the levels it starts taking a darker tone, as you go through crypts and levels like Lair of Kaos.

The game reminds me more of Gauntlet/Gauntlet:Legends/Gauntlet:Dark Legacy, but the perspective and dungeon crawling does remind me of Diablo, Champions of Norrath, Hunter:The Reckoning/Wayward/Redeemer, and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance.

There is a hidden level of depth to the game, should you think about Battle Mode (PVP). I have a friend who has this game. He's around my age. Him and his wife play. Sometimes I go over there, and we have Skylanders tournaments.

He crafted an 11-character (though it can be more or less; your choice) hat draw system. Each of us pick 11 of our Skylanders. Once picked we give our Skylander names in cup to another person playing. Then we take a cup with our names in it. We start by drawing a name from the cup to see who is going to battle who (as in the player). Then whichever two are playing, whoever has the cup for that player, draws that player's Skylander and they have to use that Skylander.

Whoever runs out of Skylanders first, loses. The one with remaining Skylanders, naturally wins.

That's just for PVP. The main game has 22 story chapters, plus an additional 4 chapters stemming from Adventure Packs. That brings the total game chapters to 26. Then there are 32 Heroic Challenges. They are small levels with time limits to achieve a goal. Once the goal for any of those is achieved, you are rewarded with a permanent stat boost for the Skylander you do the Heroic Challenge with. The 4 stats you can upgrade, are Armor, Speed, Critical Hit and Elemental Power.

Each Skylander unlocks a Heroic Challenge, so that's why there are 32 in all.

Each Skylander can be leveled to 10, which only boosts your HP. Again, to increase the other stats, you must play through the Heroic Challenges. Each Skylander has two upgrade paths to choose from, after buying that Skylander's basic moves. You can only select one path, unless you own 2 of that Skylander. You can also nickname them. Want to name your Boomer "Boomstick?" By all means, name him that. Ash would not mind.

The difficulty is easy early on, but it spikes a bit in later levels. That's a good thing. I hope the sequel has a difficulty setting. I would get the 360 or PS3 versions of the game, as they feature a last level that is tougher than the Wii version. Doesn't hurt that they also look better.

If you couple the 26 chapters, with 32 Heroic Challenges, you theoretically get to play through 58 levels in this game.

Let's put it this way. I bought EVERY single AAA game released this year. I even imported Xenoblade from Europe (was my favorite game of 2011 until I saw it's coming out this year in NA). I bought Batman: AC, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Gears 3, Uncharted 3, Rayman: Origins, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Dark Souls, etc... The only game I keep playing, despite having beaten it, is Skylanders. I did beat Uncharted 3 and Gears 3, though. Point is, this is game is a blast to run through. I feel like I am pumping quarters into an arcade machine, and Skylanders are the cards you used to could save data on, from arcades. I have even thought about hooking up one of my Street Fighter arcade sticks, just to feel like I am playing this generation's Gauntlet, as if I were playing it in an arcade. But this arcade game, has more depth than say, the Gauntlet that came before it.