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Originally Posted by GameMaster78

Thanks. Like I said in an earlier post, people these days have more of an open-mind to all things.

No matter how one looks, each os uf humans are capable of having an open-mind, if we want. I am 33, and I still go to the store on each new release of Marvel Super Hero Squad, G.I. Joe, animen and all other types of cartoons. I own almost all seasons of Pokemon and Spongebob. While I did have my kids in mind, I also had myself in mind. :)

I'll be 30 in a few months, and my room currently looks like yours, except the figures collection an stuff (don't have that many :p). Mostly Nintendo related posters, plushies and a few misc. things. Yet, is stuff I like, is stuff I grew up with; doesn't mean that I'll suddenly stop enjoying it because "I'm an adult", doesn't mean I "don't get laid" because of that (well, in that aspect there are other reasons, business I haven't done "anything" in 3 months :p) In the end, maturity doesn't come with age; and I'll happily be 60+, with a room full of Nintendo stuff.

I'd love to have a few more Skylanders stuff, but at the moment..the starters still do the trick.


Nice pic from their Facebook page:
[EDIT: whoa, the pic was really small over there.. XD]