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Tepeyac ain't got shit on King Taco. Taste wise, come at me.

The only real King Taco is on 3rd street in east LA

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This is better.

Edited for sunset.gif meme.

I'll take a pic of the 10 freeway near my house at 4 PM (near cal state LA)'ll work

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The entire Lakers roster is garbage


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South Bay is kind of close to L.A. proper...

Figures I just moved down here after finding out a bunch of gaffers live in L.A. and enjoy booze. :P

EDIT: Nice job taking the bullet and making the OT, clearacell! :D

Saying "I live in LA" usually means you don't live in LA proper so it's fine :P I'm in Alhambra which is just east of east LA.

Actually this part of LA is like more Chinatown than probably anywhere else in the U.S.