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Originally Posted by Lonestar

I imagine they'll work out the rivalry part, but as best I can tell, the SEC is who sets up the conference schedule, with not much wiggle room. You can attempt to ask for changes (Alabama and the Bye Week Problem a couple years ago) but the usual response is "..."

If this comes to fruition, the Rival Games could be set up as OOC games, as I think the PAC did this year (wasn't a Utah Game against a PAC team not counted as a Conference game?)

That's going to be a hard sell to teams like UGA, USCe, and UF that already have permanent OOC opponents in GA Tech, Clemson, and FSU respectively. You'd be adding another permanent game onto your schedule leaving you only 2 OOC games. You better believe those would be cupcakes for everyone involved, if this happened. Which is likely the case anyway, this would just guarantee it.