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Either I made up lies about the Boston Bomber or I fell for someone else's crap. Either way, I have absolutely no credibility and you should never pay any attention to anything I say, no matter what the context. Perm me if I claim to be an insider
(01-11-2012, 03:52 PM)
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Originally Posted by andycapps

Thanks for the new thread, bluemax. Wouldn't hurt to have a link in there to the spreadsheet/list of team affiliation for the members here.

Some place named Coaching Search is saying that the Falcons have reached out to Todd Grantham of UGA to replace Brian Van Gorder as defensive coordinator. UGA has been working on extending his contract to 3 years and that was to be announced any day. I'd expect to see him get a significant raise and buyout option.

Man. never have I posted a joke gif that was so dead on topical.