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(09-20-2010, 02:58 AM)
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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier


And you only had to heavily overclock your CPU!

3.06 stock to 4.01GHz is a massive overclock and far, far beyond the reach of your average FFXIV player out there. Overclocking in general is beyond your average PC user. Did you run those tests at stock, too?

I really hope SE has plans to sit down and seriously optimize the PC version for people that don't have a Cell processor in their PC, because I don't think people will stand for a game that has as many performance issues as this one too far past the free month. Let alone all the other issues the game has. There is too much MMORPG competition on the market now. Die hard SE fans/FFXI players may stick around, I'm sure. I guess that would probably be enough for them.