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Originally Posted by DrDogg

What was the CON doing though? I assume he was attacking the mob more so than healing/buffing right? I don't want to "battle" as a mage class. I didn't like BLM or BLU in FFXI and I don't want their equivalent in FFXIV (in terms of offensive power). If I don't get SP for healing/buffing, there's no reason for me to party.

He's a CON that normally likes to spam lots of offensive spells, but in this case, he was the only mage in the party so he had to be spamming cure bombs about 80% of the time. We were fighting some pretty high level beasties, so we were taking damage like bitches.

My marauder was getting anywhere from 0 - 400 SP each battle, and the higher level you were (which would put you closer to the mob's level), the better SP gains you saw. The level 16s in the party didn't really see much SP gain. Although, it might have been bugged because sometimes they say they saw SP gain proc during the battle, but at the end of the battle, they didn't get the message that totals all their SP gained during the battle.