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Not so much anymore. Last night I was partying with a group in a rank 40 leve area (not doing rank 40 leves, just screwing around in that area). We had a party of about 7 people ranging in rank from 16-24, fighting mobs that conned green to orange to our party. The conjurer in the party was reporting 300-1000 SP per battle.

What was the CON doing though? I assume he was attacking the mob more so than healing/buffing right? I don't want to "battle" as a mage class. I didn't like BLM or BLU in FFXI and I don't want their equivalent in FFXIV (in terms of offensive power). If I don't get SP for healing/buffing, there's no reason for me to party.

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Is the font size able to increase? I will be playing on a 50" tv from ~10' back. I know it is not ideal, but it is all I have :( Also, does anyone know if bestbuy is doing in store pre-orders for the CE? I may go do that tomorrow, otherwise it looks like I am stuck with and overnight shipping.

I play on a 73" from about 12' back and had no issues with reading text.