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(09-20-2010, 12:10 AM)
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Originally Posted by inthezone

Is this as hardcore as FFXI or will it be like WOW?

In terms of time consumption I mean. Con you solo for a bit or does it absolutely require you to group after level 5

You can solo a lot, at least up to level 18. That's as far as I got in beta anyways. Does this mean there won't be timesinks? Hell no! Squenix just moved the timesinks around, now instead of leveling being a timesink, it's crafting and trying to buy or sell anything to other players! :lol

Originally Posted by Munba

I presume that big missing data are some other areas/regions maybe. Seing the worldmap, there are still 5 regions not in beta (Paghl'tan, O'Gomoro, Gravania, Xephatol and Gyn Abania). I don't think it's 10 GB of items/equip :D

It's 10GB of NEW HAIRSTYLES!! :lol