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(09-19-2010, 11:05 PM)
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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier

Anyways, the retail game is 22GB after it's installed (how big it is compressed on the discs is still unknown), the relatively content-free OB was only a 5GB download.

The Open Beta had most of the content of the game, minus the opening video (new quests and things like that, would be on their servers, not something that would take up any space on the retail game). It was around 5GB compressed. If they wanted to make the full game downloadable (as was what was originally asked), they would of course use similar compression. I doubt it'd be much bigger than the OpenBeta at all, definitely not anywhere near 22GB.

Originally Posted by Phthisis

I really want to love and play this game (as FFXI was my first MMO and I liked it a lot) but will it require the same absurd timesink to do anything in this game? Because WoW gave me almost instant gratification every day and I don't know if I can do an MMO without that now.

Well, depends on what you want to do. FFXI was only an absurd timesink to level up or farm money - if all you cared about was levelling, then yes FFXI wasn't the game for you. It seems as though Square is trying to give players even more to do this time, and more fun doing each thing, but still discouraging levelling just for the sake of levelling.