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Originally Posted by HAttyboy

- Code from FFXIII Where can I find this code? o.O

If you got one of the very first copies of ffxiii, it came with a code for ffxiii on an extra insert in the case.

Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier

Do you really want to download a 22GB game? Even if you were to saturate a 50mbps Verizon FiOS connection, it would still take you at least a day

One megabit = 128k
50 megabits = 6.4 megabytes
1GB at 50mbps = under 3 minutes
22GB at 50mbps = under an hour

Sure, real world situations limit that, but you said if the person saturated his 50mbps connection... Math ftw!

Anyways, I doubt the game is 22GB, as the open beta was like a 5GB download...somehow I doubt the opening video takes up 17GB...