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(09-19-2010, 12:53 PM)
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Originally Posted by vivin

I guess it depends who is the most hardcore about FFXIV out of you guys :lol But it will be good to have someone who's been a long time FFXI player, and plans to play FFXIV...for a long time :P

Also, I'm very optimistic about the server performances come retail. Usually Open beta's are hit the hardest, since its basically a "free preview" for most people. FFXIV's OB has probably been the smoothest Ive been in, no joking...I had maybe one crash, and that was due to trying to login while the login server was undergoing maintenance.

ohh, just got word...looks like my copy will be shipping on the 21st. Now all I need is for the in-game item codes to work, and everything will be just dandy :lol

I'd hate to see the name wasted on a fly by night is all.