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I think Sera gets a bad rep undeservedly. I understand those who might be put off on her at first glance but if you play through her loyalty missions and come to understand her more and her motivations she becomes a pretty complicated and interesting character for all her abrasive qualities. Plus her growth throughout the game and what we see of her in Trespasser is great, she seems to have matured and grown but still retained what made her her.

I think a character can be a little abrasive but still interesting and worth exploring

I agree. I was a hardcore Sera hater myself until I finally decided to have her tag along and do her missions. Reason I did this was because of her rapport with Blackwall (one of my favorite DAI characters). I empathized with her feelings on the "little people" caught in the middle of noble schemes and "ancient arseholes" lol. After finishing the Trespasser DLC with a high Sera approval, accepting her Red Jenny offer and then getting a frickin' awesome crossbow arm in the credits I realized it was a mistake ignoring her all that time.