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Originally Posted by JeffZero

I didn't get much by way of "complexity" from Sera, nor do I feel there is much to like about her as the game progresses, but I'm open to hearing remarks from those who feel otherwise.

Maybe "complex" isn't the right word for Sera, I guess flawed was more the word I was looking for. Really, she's actually quite simple and straightforward. While I found her abrasive and unpleasant at first, I eventually learned to appreciate her blunt, direct attitude. She doesn't hide behind politeness or pretty words, she just is who she is and doesn't waste time trying to be someone else. I'm not trying to lead the Sera defense force or anything though lol, I can certainly understand why some people would hate her and find her annoying.

The thing is, I like having characters that might rub people the wrong way. It feels more like real life, and it's better than a boring character imo. Like, I hate Vivienne. Completely hate her. But I find her fascinating. By the end of the game, I understood her, and could appreciate the writing that went into her character. As long as Bioware can do that, I'm okay with unlikable characters.