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Originally Posted by Ridesh

When did he say that? twitter?

Right here.

As with all the cast members, BioWare wanted to make sure everyone felt fresh and unique from past characters. The team even cut a squadmate later in development because they felt too much of a cross between past favorites. “Sometimes writers focus on the quirks or specific nuances of the character [thinking] that’s what’s going to make this character interesting,” Walters says. “Honestly, it’s a combination of a whole bunch of things, and what I say is rather than trying to make a really unique or memorable character through your writing, take a character who’s relatable and put them in a really unique situation and see how they react. That’s actually how I think you get the most interesting character development happening.”

Originally Posted by exmachina64

I'm open to being surprised, but right now she reminds me of Sera from DAI.

Same. >_< I just think she could surprise us.

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If there was a cut squadmate, I hope they include them in the sequal or in free DLC. None of this Javik crap.

Well, it sounds more like they were cut for creative reasons.