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Originally Posted by Schlorgan

At most I can see a confrontation with one of the higher ups on the project on the Nexus where he reveals that they did know about the Reapers and that they can't ever go back to the Milky Way.

I'm okay if it's a driving force behind the scenes but I prefer that none of the main characters know that.

Oh, yeah, I'd definitely prefer no-one knows about the Reapers. They leave the Milky Way around Mass 2's time right? When the majority of the handful of people Shepard has tried to inform about the Reapers refuse to believe any of it.

Reapers travel in deep space though, and if the Milky Way civilizations have the technology to reach other galaxies then you can be absolutely certain that Reapers do as well. I'd always assumed that rather than harvesting the Milky Way every 50k years and then sleeping permanently until the next cycle, they probably move from galaxy to galaxy harvesting other civilizations. Maybe they don't. Maybe there are different groups that of Reapers that have claimed their own galaxies, in the way different species in our galaxy have claimed their own planets. Would Shepard's actions at the end of Mass 3 have affected all Reapers, absolutely everywhere? Were the events even happening at all, and we can be sure he wasn't indoctrinated? And heck, if adding Reapers to future games would make some players feel like their choice at the end of Mass 3 is now irrelevant, then what about the players who chose the Synthesis option not getting a synthetic Ryder? =P

Man, I bet Bioware had headaches discussing all of this at the start of Andromeda's development. A clean slate without Reapers definitely seems like the easiest option.

Honestly I'm happy no matter what Bioware decide - Reapers should be left behind with Shepard, or Reapers are as much a part of the Mass Effect universe as Turians, Asari, and Salarians are. I just feel like Mass 1 set them up as one of the most formidable and terrifying opponents in any game, and neither of the sequels managed to deliver on that. It's even weirder that Mass 3 never even had a proper showdown with them, even with Harbinger who had been built up as the "big bad". It all just ended in a really obscure fashion.

Originally Posted by JeffZero

Do bear in mind, Mac Walters mentions the team having cut a squadmate relatively late in development. In accordance with the leak there are seven squadmates in total. It is far from a bygone conclusion, but there is precedent to suppose that there may now be six.

That would be a shame :( Quality definitely beats quantity, but I was hoping for a Mass 2 sized roster. Maybe we'll get DLC companions though? Hopefully not like Javik =P

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I'm saying when you've got a universe full of characters having cool sounding names (Garrus Vakarian, Tela Vasir, Tevos, Urdnot Wrex, Bakara, Miranda Lawson) and then you throw in a name that could be inter-changeable with Bleck, Jeck, Greck, Treck it just doesn't invoke any kind of warm, interesting companion feelings. "hey guys, Drack is out back grabbing the combustion manifold" "Drack mind passing me a spare ammo clip?" "Over here Drack!".

Drack is bad but Wrex and Grunt are okay? =P

I'm sure he's either got a longer name like Wrex does, or some weird reason for his name like Grunt did.