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Originally Posted by shinobi602

I'm kind of confused here, what's wrong with the name Drack? Doesn't seem worse than any other name in the series. And why does a Krogan squadmate make you lose faith?

Let me preface this by saying I'm alone in this opinion and it's merely myself being nitpicky.

I've got nothing wrong with a Krogan on the team, it would be a nice addition since there wasn't one in ME3. I'm saying when you've got a universe full of characters having cool sounding names (Garrus Vakarian, Tela Vasir, Tevos, Urdnot Wrex, Bakara, Miranda Lawson) and then you throw in a name that could be inter-changeable with Bleck, Jeck, Greck, Treck it just doesn't invoke any kind of warm, interesting companion feelings. "hey guys, Drack is out back grabbing the combustion manifold" "Drack mind passing me a spare ammo clip?" "Over here Drack!"

It's grating in text, I can imagine how weird the in-game dialogue sounds using that name. I feel the same way about Peebee's nickname as well.