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Purple Drazi
(11-11-2016, 05:49 PM)
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Within the context of Shepard's central focus on the war effort, I'm not particularly bothered no one told the Normandy team anything about the expedition. There are beautiful quiet moments in the recurring conversations with Anderson, Hackett, the Citadel Council, hell, even Udina, but Shepard being cheered-on to do what Shepard does best is the crux of most of those scenes.

Any of those particular characters who are in-the-know aren't entirely likely to pause in discussing the evacuation of major planets, the remembrance of forgotten love, etc. in order to name-drop the Pathfinder Initiative during the course of the five-to-ten-minute sequences we're given.

Whether or the project proves successful, it's five hundred ninety-nine years from relevance until you begin to discuss the philosophical angle involved in knowing fragments of our races may survive Reaper armageddon across the universe. And while Mass Effect plays frequent host to philosophical discord, I don't think it's the type of thing Steven Hackett is going to waste precious long-distance communications bandwidth on.

And that's another thing. Discussing it on open channels seems like a bad idea. Sure, Shepard encounters each of the galaxy's remaining political power players in-person, too, but generally speaking, whenever that happens there's a significant plot beat occurring which demands immediate attention.