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Originally Posted by Darkstorne

Awesome, thanks for summarising this.

No knowledge of the Reapers is a good decision to make, but I do wonder if they'll be reintroduced to the series. I never felt like they closed that saga effectively (Harbinger for example, what happened there?) nor do I feel they even gave the Reaper threat a good chance to build. They were nowhere in Mass 2, and asides from some decent backdrops in 3 it almost feels like game technology wasn't where Bioware needed it to be to really deliver on the vision they'd been hinting at through Mass 1 and 2.

Of course, having the Reapers assault Andromeda potentially upsets players who believe their choices at the end of Mass 3 solved the threat once and for all, so it might be best to just abandon them and move on.

At most I can see a confrontation with one of the higher ups on the project on the Nexus where he reveals that they did know about the Reapers and that they can't ever go back to the Milky Way.

I'm okay if it's a driving force behind the scenes but I prefer that none of the main characters know that.